Beer Review: New England Brewing Company Fuzzy Baby Ducks


Name: New England Brewing Company Fuzzy Baby Ducks

Style: IPA

IBU: 60

ABV: 6.2%

“Yup… we’re the ones who make this. A member of our single hopped beer club, this IPA is both brewed and dry hopped with nothing but Citra hops… that’s it… all Citra, all day. And that’s what gives you the big, mango, papaya, and citrus taste that makes tongues celebrate and lines of beer fans form up just to sample this beauty.”

I am back from my honeymoon hiatus and hopefully it won’t be as long until my next post. This time I will be reviewing a great beer from New England Brewing Company out of Connecticut. This beer has a fun eccentric can that, lets see if the beer is as good as the can.

The beer pours a clear amber with about an inch of fluffy white head. Right on the pour you get big citrus notes.The nose giving off notes of mango, pineapple and grapefruit with hints of bubblegum. The beer tastes similar to the nose with big grapefruit, mango and bubblegum notes upfront. It is balanced out nicely with some subtle pine notes and a nice malty backbone making it more fruit bomb, like some of these Citra hop heavy IPAs. The beer it light yet medium bodied with the flavors lingering on the on the tongue after each sip. Overall this is a really solid IPA. It is obviously brewed in the NE, but has a nice mix of pine and fruit notes while backing it up nicely with some solid malt notes. It is almost a hybrid evolution from the typical Northeast IPA. It is a great beer that has lived up to the hype. This is another beer I highly recommend. Great beer and easily one of my top IPAs out there that is regularly brewed. For more regular beer recommendations and to see what I am drinking follow me on @horseanddray on Instagram. Cheers!

Editor’s Note: Please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes as I am a drinking alcohol while writing since this is a beer blog after all.


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