Beer Review: Tree House Bright /w Mosiac

wp-1489791557124.jpgName: Tree House Bright /w Mosaic

Style: Double IPA


ABV: 7.8%

“Bright was created to be a clean and elegant showcase for one of our favorite hops – Mosaic! It is crafted with a simple malt bill and fermented with clean American Ale yeast to create a flavor profile that is more a function of its vibrant fresh ingredients than an expression of yeast character. Bright’s aroma is a cornucopia of citrus dank… The taste follows suit with notes of grapefruit, sweet berries, and clementine with a gentle orange rind finish. She is dry, soft, deceptively juicy and adequately bittered resulting in a very approachable yet pungent Double IPA. We hope you find this bit of a departure as enjoyable as we do!”

Staying on my IPA kick, I will be taking a look at another great double IPA from Tree House in Monson, MA. Tree House brews some of my favorite IPAs and does magical things to showcase the hops perfectly. Bright is a double IPA brewed with mosaic hops. I am looking forward to trying this, so let’s pop this can.

I poured the beer our from a can into a Teku glass and immediately get citrus hop aroma right on the pour. The beer pours a relatively clear light orange amber with about an inch of white head with good retention that laces down the glass as you drink. The nose gives off  big grapefruit, resin, and floral notes. There is also some nice caramel, lemon and mango on the backend. The beer is light to medium bodied with good carbonation. This beer is really unlike many of the other hazy Tree House IPAs like Julius. Instead it is a nod to some of the great West Coast IPAs, proving they have the talent to brew IPAs in different ways. This is a really tasty crushable IPA and although not my favorite among my Tree House offerings, it is still delicious. A definite recommend if you are a West Coast IPA lover, but know going into it. It doesn’t bring the haze like most Northeast IPAs. Cheers!

Editor’s Note: Please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes as I am a drinking alcohol while writing since this is a beer blog after all.



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