Tired Hands Milkshake Series Part 3: Tired Hands+Omnipollo Coconut Double Milkshake IPA

wp-1488767573067.jpgName: Tired Hands+Omnipollo Lemon Meringue Double Milkshake IPA

Style: American Double IPA


ABV: 9.0%

“Coconut Double Milkshake IPA is the latest installation in our kind of weird, doesn’t really make sense on paper, but is actually delicious line of culinary IPAs inspired by milkshakes and dreamt up in tandem with our brothers at @omnipollo. This one was brewed to 9.0% abv and conditioned on twice the amount of luscious fruit and Madagascar vanilla beans. Intensely hopped and dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra. Contains lactose!”

The final review in my Tired Hands Milkshake IPA series will be Tired Hands+Omnipollo Coconut Double Milkshake IPA, which is an IPA brewed with a ton of coconut fruit and Vanilla beans. If I have my way this won’t be the last Milkshake IPA I try, but it will be the last in this specific series as I have a couple other fresh IPAs I am excited to review as well. Let’s open up this can and see how it measures up to the first two I have reviewed.

The beer is poured from a 16 oz. can into a Teku glass , it pours a cloudy light yellow with about a half inch of white creamy head. The beer leaves nice lacing around the glass as you drink. The nose gives off scents of mango, pineapple, cotton candy and of course the coconut and vanilla. The beer tastes similar to the nose with with really big tropical fruit notes that pop followed by the vanilla and coconut. The beer has a piña colada like vibe to it that with a sweetness that works quite well hides the alcohol to that point that you would never know it is sitting at 9% ABV. Like the Lemon Meringue Milkshake the beer is extremely drinkable. The mouthful is creamy and medium bodied that lingers on the tongue. Tired Hands is knocking it out of the park with these Milkshake IPAs, they are crazy good crushable IPAs that are drinkable. I highly recommend this beer and all the Milkshakes I have tried from Tired Hands. Check these guys out in Ardmore, PA and try to get a hold of one of these IPAs. Cheers!

Editor’s Note: Please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes as I am a drinking alcohol while writing since this is a beer blog after all.



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