Beer Review: Brew Gentlemen MOMO Mosaic Pale Ale

wp-1483381030311.jpgName: Brew Gentlemen MOMO

Style: American Pale


ABV: 5.8%

New Beer Post for the New Year! Finally, right? Anyway, I stumbled upon a phenomenal little brewpub in Braddock, PA while visiting Pittsburgh called Brew Gentlemen. We got there right as they were opening and there was already people waiting in their cars for them to open. As we grabbed a seat at the bar people there was a consistent line for growlers fills and I wondered to myself how I never heard of these guys. Everything I tried from them was great and when I say great I mean their APAs were on the level of Tree House and Trillium which isn’t something I would say lightly. After trying a few of their beers at the bar, I decided to grab my DrinkTanks Growler from the car and get a fill. I went with their MOMO Mosaic Pale Ale.

After getting home I poured it from my growler into a pint glass. The beer pours a hazy golden orange with about an inch of white head that laces around the glass as you drink. The beer gives off huge aromas of mango, citrus, tropical fruit and wild flowers. The taste is similar to the nose with a huge wave of mango flavors rushing over the palate with tons of tropical fruit flavor and wild flowers  that stands up to a nice malty backbone. The beer is very full bodied with a nice silky mouthful that lingers on the palate. This is a delicious juicy IPA that if I didn’t know any better I would have thought came from Tree House. The beer is delicious and at 5.8% it is extremely drinkable. These guys are knocking their APAs and IPAs out of the park, the only thing separating them from Tree House, Trillium or Home Farmstead is name recognition, as they have only been open since 2014. I am sure it won’t be long until people are making pilgrimages to them as well. I know it certainly won’t be my last visit. Cheers!

[Editors Note: I actually did this review a few days ago, but needed time to proof read around the New Years celebrations]







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