Beer Review: Tired Hands Shambolic Dry Hopped Spelt Saison

wp-1479611634820.jpgName: Tired Hands Shambolic Dry Hopped Spelt Saison

Style: Saison


ABV: 6.5%

“Dry Hopped Spelt Saison. Well hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe. Bright and dank… Herbaceous pineapple juice.”

I am excited to review a beer from this Brewery, since it is a favorite of mine and a brewery I personally think is the best in Pennsylvania, though I admit Voodoo is a very close second. Tired Hands is located in Ardmore, PA, where they have two locations: the original Brew Pub and the Fermentaria. I recommend a visit to both.

Tired Hands puts out a lot of funky experimental beer, which makes it hard to find the same thing twice if it isn’t in their regular lineup of brews. Today I am looking at their Shambolic Dry Hopped Saison which is aged in oak. Shambolic is available in a rotating lineup, so if you try you should be able to find it.

I am pouring the beer from a 500mL bottle into a Teku glass. The beer pours a cloudy orange gold with about a half an inch of white head. The nose gives notes of sour candied lemon, pineapple, brett yeast and some funky wet hay (in a good way). The beer tastes almost exactly like the nose with the citrus sour notes really taking the stage front and center. The brett yeast comes in next followed by a little bit of pepper spelt notes on the finish. The beer is medium bodied with some lingering notes from the brett and spelt malt. It is slightly dry with some chalkiness to it. This is a tasty funky saison. Definitely not typical to the style with some sour notes, but it is a juicy saison that quenches the palate. Definitely something I would recommend if you like funky beers with some sour notes. It may be outside of your comfort zone if you have never had a beer brewed with Brett yeast before though. Cheers!


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