Beer Review: Blue Mountain Dark Hollow

20160925_213149.jpgName: Blue Mountain Dark Hollow

Style:Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


ABV: 10%

“The mystery of great beer challenges the spirit of those who seek a higher level of this ancient brew. Dark Hollow brings the miracle of two crafts – brewing and distillation  – to create a work greater than the sum of their parts. Our imperial stout has been charred in American oak bourbon barrels, patiently breathing in and out of the wood, gaining complexity, depth and character.

Blue Mountain Barrel House was founded by the creators of Blue Mountain Brewery, Nelson County, Virginia. The Barrel House also resides in Nelson County, where the woods are deep, the mountains are bold and great beer flows through the land. Try each style of our exquisite, original beer.”

As the heat starts to fade away to cooler weather we can start getting into some of the delicious beer that is a little too warming for those hot summer nights, but perfect for fall. Today we are going to take a look at a beer I grabbed while in visiting Charlottesville, Va for my friends’ wedding. The brewery is Blue Mountain Brewery which puts out some great beer and has some delicious food at their brewpub. The beer we are tasting today is Dark Hollow, a bourbon barrel aged stout from the their Barrel House. Let’s take a sip.

The beer pours a deep black with an inch of light brown head into a Teku glass. The delicious head laces the glass beautiful as you work your way into the beer. The beer has notes of cocoa, figs, coffee, bourbon with some nice oak undertones. The beer tastes similar to the nose with the cocoa and coffee notes dominating with the bourbon notes on the backend. The beer is very balanced and full bodied with wonderful coffee and cocoa notes lingering on the tongue long after the last sip. This is one of the most underrated bourbon barrel aged stouts out there. There are a few great bourbon barrel aged stouts including Founders KBS and Goose Island, this beer rivals both. I think this is one of the smaller breweries that is really worth a visit. It is definitely one of the few ways you will be able to find this beer, so I recommend a visiting and grabbing one of these bottles. I said this rivals the other Bourbon Country Stouts, but truthfully is is probably better. I think it beer balances the strength of the whiskey barrels with the strength of the dark malts of the beer. I drink a lot ton of beer and about 3/4 ton of whiskey with a lot of it being bourbon and this is one of the best mix of two I ever consumed. I think all of should do the same. Cheers!


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