Beer Review: Wicked Weed Brewing Medora

wp-1473276591981.jpgName: Wicked Weed Brewing Medora

Style:American Sour Ale


ABV: 6.969%

“The daughter of a king, Medora was wrought with the burden of expectations. Her father did his utmost to speak confidence into his young daughter. Time passed and with it the king, leaving Medora his sole heir. Her melancholy deepened. One night a great meteor  flashed across the northern sky. Her father’s word hit into heart. ‘Choose happiness; no expectation or circumstance can usurp your will to rejoice in them.’

Medora thrived, and as for imposed expectations she never gave them credence again.

Medora is a blonde sour ale aged in red wine barrels with one pound of blackberries and raspberries per gallon. The result is a beautiful, fuchsia ale with bright berry character.”

I travel a lot for work and one of the places I frequent in North Carolina, where some great breweries have set up over the years. One of those breweries is Wicked Weed, who pumps out some of the best sours in the world. I was able to get a hold of a bottle of one of those sours, Medora, blonde sour brewed with a ton of blackberries and raspberries and aged in red wine barrels. I am excited to share it with you, so let’s see how it tastes.

I poured the beer out of 500mL bottle into a Teku glass. The beer pours a beautiful deep pinkish red with a 3/4 inch of white head that quickly recedes. The nose gives off hints of blackberries, raspberries, some funky yeast, some sour lacto, and red wine undertones from the barrel aging. The beer tasted similar to the nose, but sharper and slighty less complex. The beer is nice and crisp with the brett yeast coming through nicely. The beer finishes dry with some nice wood notes from the barrels. The beer is full-bodied, with a nice dry mouthful that lingers on the tongue. Overall, this is one of the better sours I have ever had. The beer had everything you look for in a sour, clean dry and a great brett flavor. I highly recommend it, if you live in or visit one of their distribution areas. I also recommend anything from Wicked Weed though as I have never had a bad beer from them.


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