Beer Review: The North Brewery 6-27 Chili Pepper Stout


Name: The North Brewery 6-27

Style: Chili Pepper Stout


ABV: 8%

“cocoa nibs, cumin, chili pepper stout July 2016 DO NOT AGE DRINK FRESH”

While some of my favorite breweries are well knowns like Bell’s, Three Floyd’s Firestone and Walker, and Avery, I love when I can visit smaller up and coming breweries pumping out great stuff. The North Brewery is small brewery located in Endicott, NY pumping out some big beer. I first tried their beer a little over a year ago when my future mother-in-law got me a growler full of one of their stouts which I thought was phenomenal and I have been ordering their beer when I have seen it on tap whenever I have visited the Binghamton, NY area ever since. I finally made a trip to brewery and got to sample a number of their beers which were all fantastic and lucky for me they had a bottle available for purchase which I took advantage of purely so I could write this review. The beer is a 6-27 which is part of a chili stout series they are doing over the summer. I am hoping they still have some of the next release available when I make a trip this coming weekend, but now let’s crack open 6-27 and see how it turned out.


The beer pours a deep opaque black with about 3/4 inch of white brown head which dissipates after about a minute leaving a light lace around the glass. The nose has hints of cocoa, cinnamon, molasses, deep roasted malt and faint pepper notes. The beer tastes similar to the nose, but the chili is much more prominent giving off some nice heat. The cocoa is also shining through here with the malts finishing up through big toasted bread notes. I would say the beer is medium to full bodied and is really well balanced. I have had a number of chili stouts and I can honestly say this is probably one of the best and most balanced ones I have ever tasted. It is probably the only chili stout that ever came in a 22 oz bottle and I was able to finish it in one sitting. I have reviewed other chili stouts and the same thing applied in that if you don’t like heat or  stouts this beer may not be your thing, but for the style it is one of the best I’ve ever had and higher recommend it. I don’t know if they have any more at the brewery, but their latest chili stout release in the series is out now and you should be able to pick one up and check it out. Cheers!


Editors Note: I actually drank and wrote this two weeks prior to the publish date, but had issues with publishing.


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