Beer Review: Arcadia Ales XV Ale

wp-1465351831942.jpgName: Arcadia Ales XV Ale

Style: American Wild Ale


ABV: 8.5%

First beer review in a while, so lets do something special. I had a bottle of Arcadia Ales XV Ales that has been cellared for 5 years, so I figured why not crack it open and review it. The beer is an American Wild Ale that has been brewed with Michigan cherries and aged in oak wine barrels to balance out the sweetness of the cherries. I poured it out of a waxed dipped 22 oz. bomber into my Teku glass. I heard a mix of reviews about the beer when it was initially brewed, so lets see if aging it has brought out some more flavors.

The beer pours a dark brown amber with minimal head that quickly fades with high carbonation. The nose has notes of cherries, molasses, tartness and light oak. The palate is similar to the nose with very deep sour cherry notes with the oak and tartness coming through stronger. I feel the beer has definitely gained some complexity through the aging and mellowed out the beer quite well. I would say the beer is medium to full bodied with still surprisingly high carbonation after a number of years, but the wax dip has probably helped with that. Overall, I think this is a pretty quality beer, though I wouldn’t put it in my top for the style, I think aging it helped bring out a lot of the subtle notes and helped mellow out some of the impurities when this beer was released from what I read of older reviews. I think this is a great example of how sometimes letting a beer age can really help the flavor of the beer. So try aging your own beers in somewhere with a consistent cool temperature with them standing upright. Good luck and cheers!


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