Beer Review: Dogfish Higher Math

20160210_180317.jpgName: Dogfish Higher Math

Style: American Strong Ale

IBU: 35

ABV: 17.0%

Celebrating 20 off-center years with our luscious chocolate-cherry birthday cake in liquid form! A golden ale brewed with  chocolate and cherry juice.”

I figured we should get back to some beer reviews since I haven’t done one in a while. Let’s jump back in the swing of things with a rare beer from Dogfish Head. Higher Math is a special release brewed to celebrate 20th anniversary of Dogfish Brewery. Dogfish has been been one of the biggest proponents for the craft brewing industry over the las 20 years along with Sierra Nevada and Sam Adams. In addition to their support for the draft brewing industry, Dogfish owner, Sam Calagione helped bring craft beer to mainstream TV with his show “Brew Masters”. This beer is brewed with sour cherry juice and cocoa nibs; the cherry juice is used to commemorate Sam’s first ever beer he brewed. Let’s see how it turned out

The beer pours a reddish brown with a half inch of white head in a Teku glass. The nose has notes of chocolate, cherries, figs, caramel and lots of booze. The beer tastes much like the nose with the cocoa nibs and the cherries taking center stage. The flavor profile is complex and perfectly blended to stay balanced. While the cocoa nibs and the cherries cover up the booziness a bit, you can definitely tell this is a very strong beer that should be sipped. The beer is medium to full body with a nice little warming from the ABV.

Overall, this is what I have come to expect from Dogfish head with their limited releases. It is an extremely complex beer which might not appeal to most people due to the very complex flavor profile and high ABV. The beer is pretty good and I would compare it to a beer version of a manhattan.  However, like I mentioned it may not appeal to everyone, especially if you are someone who likes pilsners and traditional beers made in accordance to Reinheitsgebot (German beer law stating beer can only be made with 4 ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast). If you are looking for something different that is slightly sweet I recommend it as a nice sipping beer on a cold night. The beer would pair nicely with some dark chocolate, aged cheddar and gouda. Cheers!



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