Beer Review: Victory White Monkey

20151002_212714Name: Victory White Monkey

Style: Triple India Pale Ale

IBU: 50

ABV: 9.5%

“Since his birth in 1997, our beloved Golden Monkey has remained playfully delightful and profoundly satisfying. His soul continues to glow with the wisdom of ages and inspired our own stroke of genius. Restless from his continuous journey to joy, we felt that some quiet time in American oak barrels that once matured white wine would further soothe this ale’s silken soul. After his three-month retreat, Golden Monkey emerged refreshed and invigorated with new character and flavor nuances that only make him more profound, and possibly even more playful.”

I know that some people who read my blog enjoy Belgian ales and this is a new twist on one of my favorites. Golden Monkey has been a mainstay in Victory’s lineup for quite sometime and recently they started adding some spins to it in limited releases. One of those spins is aging it in white wine barrels for three months. If it is anything like other beers I have had aged in wine barrels it should really change the flavor profile in a unique way. Let’s pop the cork and see how it turned out.

The beer pours a crisp light golden amber with about an inch of light frothy head that laces nicely around the glass. The nose is very fruity with scents of mango, coconut and banana along with Belgian yeast and cloves and a hint of oak and wine. I must say that aging Golden Monkey in the wine barrels has completely changed the flavor profile and really sweetened it up with tastes of tropical fruits mingling with the funky Belgian yeasts and oaky undertones. The wine grapes and oak really balance well with the clove, pepper and Belgian yeast. Like Golden Monkey, it is still a light to medium bodied beer, but the carbonation is slightly highly due to the bottle conditioning. Overall, I think the made a great beer even better in a unique way. The flavor profile is awesome and the really dances on the palate. A little bit of fruit, a little bit of funky Belgian yeast and a little bit of spice are all perfectly balanced. I recommend this to anyone who likes funky Belgians or loves barrel aged beers. I think it is really a stand out beer. It would pair well with a nice blue cheese or a strong brie. Let me know what you think and enjoy.


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